About payment

About payment methods

Amazon Pay

You can pay using the shipping address and payment method registered in your Amazon account.。


As long as it has the logo of one of the international brands VISA, MASTER, DINERS, JCB, or AMEX, it can be used regardless of the issuing credit card company.能です。

Please use with confidence as it is SSL compatible.い。

Flat fee 300 yen consumption tax税

convenience store

The total purchase amount can be up to 300,000 yen.。

【Convenience store payment fee】
(Total payment fee料)
~1,999 yen 165 yen円
2,000 yen 9,999 yen 330 yen0円
10,000 yen 19,999 yen 660 yen0円
20,000 yen 29,999 yen 1,100 yen0円
30,000 yen 39,999 yen 1,540 yen0円
40,000 yen 49,999 yen 1,980 yen0円
50,000 yen 59,999 yen 2,420 yen0円
60,000 yen 69,999 yen 2,860 yen0円
70,000 yen 3,080 yen0円
※The total price is the sum of the product price, shipping charges, etc.す。

After completing your order, you will receive an email from Epsilon (payment agency) containing the payment number required for payment.されます。
If you have set up domain-specific reception, etc., please set it so that you can receive emails from sendonly@epsilon.jp before completing the purchase procedure.します。
※Email cannot be resent。
※If you do not receive the email, you will need to purchase the same product again.。
※Payment deadline is within 10 days from the date of purchase.。

※Payment will have to be made in advanceります。
※The transfer fee is to be borne by the customer.。
※The item will be shipped after payment is confirmed, so if you are in a hurry, please use credit card cash on delivery.下さい。

●After confirming that the ordered product is in stock, we will send you an email with the transfer address and payment deadline with the title "Thank you for your order."送りいたします。
●If you wish to cancel your order, please be sure to contact us by phone.さい。
●If you do not receive an email with the transfer address and payment deadline, please contact us by phone.い。
●Payment deadline varies depending on the product。
・Standard products - within 3 days
・Pre-order production Manufacturer order - within 7 days以内

※If you have difficulty making the transfer within the transfer deadline, please contact us by email or phone.い。

(Reception hours 12:00-19:00時)

〇Email info@made-in-world.jpp
(Reception hours 24 hours))
※Inquiries made after 7pm will be answered on the next business day.。

●If the payment is not received by the transfer deadline, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm.す。
●If payment is not received by 15:00 on the next business day of the transfer date, the order will be cancelled.。

※Please pay the exact amount for the product.。
※If the deposited amount is less than the invoice amount, we will not be able to start shipping the product.ん。
※If the amount you deposit exceeds the sales amount, only if the excess amount is 440 yen or more.り
We will refund the amount after deducting our prescribed refund fee of 440 yen.。
( Please note that we cannot refund if the excess amount is less than 440 yen.い。)